• Brian Mark
    Brian Mark

    I’m on a mission to provide an online easy-to-access service that helps people become happier, healthier, stronger versions of themselves! I have my certification through International Sports and Sciences Association! In the last 2 years I’ve competed in 4 different shows internationally and earned my professional status in October, 2015!

    I truly believe that when you have a goal, any goal, and you COMMIT everything you have, every ounce of energy, that you can accomplish some amazing things. My vision is to inspire the best in you!!

  • Bayan Sharafi
    Bayan Sharafi

    My life’s passions include fitness, creating healthy, delicious food and being able to help people grow into their full potential!

    I used to be chubby, and everything changed after my first workout with my first personal trainer. I was educated and guided into a world of athleticism and aesthetics I never thought was possible for myself!

    My goal is to motivate and help people push themselves to their maximum potential. With focus, dedication, inspiration, and motivation we can achieve anything we set out to do!

  • Tahj Howell
    Tahj Howell

    Growing up I never had any real passion or ambition to do anything. I struggled at sports, squeaked by in school and only ever cared about video games and partying with friends. I had no idea what i wanted to do with my life. About a year ago my girlfriend and I went on a journey to Thailand and Laos to teach. As I taught physical education across Southeast Asia I realized that I loved athletics, training and coaching. I wanted to learn more about personal training, health and nutrition.

    My mission is to acquire my ISSA Certification as well as my WBFF Pro status and continue to motivate you through our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. I hope to inspire and work with you in the future to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

  • Shawn McIntyre
    Shawn McIntyre

    Shawn McIntyre is an author, corporate consultant, fitness trainer and life stylist who takes a holistic approach to wellness.  He teaches that success in any area begins with the proper mindset, and through a routine of action, discipline and commitment, we can achieve amazing results. Shawn is dedicated to helping and inspiringpeople to take action with clarity and power – not fear.  He coaches clients to help them achieve success in fitness and life.