It’s almost time for summer.

That means lots of beaches, hot weather, and exposed skin.

No more hiding underneath your sweater, no more wearing loose fitting t-shirts. It’s summer, man. That means the hot summer sun is going to be beating down on you begging for you to wear less layers.

What’s going to happen when you take your shirt off though? Are you going to expose a chisled body? Are you going to take off your shirt and showcase all of the hard work you’ve been putting in right now, or are you going to reveal all of the donuts you snacked on in late night binge eating episodes?

weight loss

I’ve written this article for you to get the right mindset in relation to losing weight for summer. Listen – it’s right around the corner. And I know that you want to lose weight otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. So let me help you.

      1) Be honest with where you’re at right now.

You’ve gotta be honest with yourself. Straight up. How much weight do you really have to lose? How unhappy are you with your body right now? How much can you not stand to take your shirt off and look in the mirror? How guilty do you feel when you eat the food that you know isn’t good for you?

You’ve gotta be brutally honest with yourself. You can hide behind your excuses for why you are the way you are, or you can be brutally honest with yourself and say “Shit. I’ve got some work to do. I’m 15 pounds over my regular weight and this is un-acceptable. I’ve gotta make a change and I’ve gotta do it right now.”

Lean body mass

Awareness of where you’re at is the first step. Stop hiding from yourself. You know you’ve got some work to do, so be honest with yourself about how MUCH work you have to do, and let’s start losing some weight.

       2) Find the right strategy and stick to it.

There are 1,000 ways to skin a cat. And each way will work, if you stick to it.

You’ve gotta find a strategy and stick to it. And that strategy has to resonate with you, meaning that you’ve got to read this strategy and it’s got to click with you. You have to enjoy your strategy, you have to enjoy your meal plan, you have to enjoy your training system.

The right strategy is one that’s suited to you and your body type, as well as your fitness goals. You can go on and find a workout routine if you are looking to save money, but it won’t be customized to you. You can also buy the latest Instagram diet and try it, but it won’t be customized to you.

Your best bet is to find a strategy that’s customized to you. Training plan synced up with diet plan with the goal of weight loss and muscle development. Once you find the strategy that works for you, you have to stick to it.


You have to commit to your strategy, you have to find a way to stay focused for a long period of time, because that’s the only way to create lasting results.

You can have all the right information right in front of your face and it won’t mean a thing if you don’t execute on a regular basis.

       3) Find a way to stay accountable.

Accountability is massive when it comes to success in weight loss.

Accountability can come in many forms, but it holds the most value when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. Listen – at any point you could lose the weight you need to lose. But actually if you could have done it on your own, you would have already.

The reason you’re reading this is because you’re looking for the next level. The only way to reach the next level is to find someone or something to keep you accountable. I recommend finding the right coach – I have had mentors and coaches for every area of my life that I have worked on developing and it has been critical in my success.

Checking in with a mentor or coach about your progress will help you stay accountable to your weight loss goals, and it will also give you someone else who sees the same things that you do, who wants the same things for your body that you do.

Find a way to stay accountable to your fitness goals.


In summary it’s important to be honest with yourself about your weight loss efforts. How much weight do you want to lose? How unhappy are you with your body right now? Why is it important to take part in a transformation? The next step is to find the right strategy and stick to it. Now that you know you need to lose 15 pounds, how are you going to do that? What’s an accurate timeline for you accomplishing this goal?

Perfect, now let’s find a way to stay accountable. Perhaps finding a partner in crime for your weight loss journey, perhaps hiring a coach to assist you on your weight loss journey. It doesn’t matter how you stay accountable to your goals, as long as you stay accountable.

Hope this helps! Please comment, subscribe, and ask me any questions you have related to weight loss. <3